Maternity Shoot – Iva & Renato

Maternity , 2015-10-02

What a beautiful time I had while photographing dear friends of mine Iva & Renato, owners of a very popular high end restaurant Zori at Pakleni Islands near Hvar. In her eighth month of pregnancy Iva was very keen to do the maternity shoot but Renato not so much… a bit camera shy. Knowing this I knew I will have to approach this shoot in as much of a natural sense as possible. I suggested we go for a walk in the woods that surrounds Zori restaurant and I will take some shots as we go. Renato was fine with this and all went well until I told him to sit down and talk to his wife Iva when he got anxious so I had to shoot quickly and hope for the best.  We had such a laugh that at times I couldn’t even look through the viewfinder.  After a 30 min shoot, which usually takes me up to two hours, I was very happy with the results.

The next day we took the boat and drove around to the next bay on the picturesque Pakleni Islands. We drove directly to a little secluded beach that is usually deserted, but not on this day, because as we approached we were surrounded by nudists. We where contemplating whether to go somewhere else for the shoot or not but I told Iva and Renato that I’m very sure we will have all the space we need after I pull out this enormous underwater camera equipment. It turned out I was right because after I lifted the ikelite camera housing in a flash all the nudists either disappeared or got dressed.

We only had again about 30 minutes to shoot but that was plenty of time. I’m not a diver or even a good swimmer but with the right equipment, amazing location and water as clear as a swimming pool it’s hard not to get good shots. Although underwater photography is not as easy as it might look  I am very intrigued by it and will most definitely invest into my own underwater gear next year.

Special thanks to fellow photographer Antonio Rossetti for renting me his underwater photo gear.

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